steve’s college football thoughts for week 11

Well I missed a week. I have no excuse. Other than that I work full-time at something other than watching and writing about college football and have two kids under the age of 3.

the news

  • I’m writing today because tonight might be the greatest night in the history of Thursday night football. Oregon-Stanford and Baylor-Oklahoma. Big-time BCS stakes in both of those games and a win over the Cardinal might propel Oregon over Florida State for good in the BCS and a win over Oklahoma adds some major legitimacy for Baylor in the polls. Maybe enough to push them over Ohio State should Stanford also lose.
  • Florida State is really, really good. (Are you happy, Roger?) They pummeled Miami last week and Jameis Winston is a legit Heisman candidate. Florida State also has a very good defense which makes me wonder if they are the better threat to Alabama than Oregon.
  • I have very sensitive eyes. I’m blind as a bat and get really anxious if something goes wrong with my contacts or glasses. I say this because the fact that Jameis Winston plays WITHOUT his contacts (and constantly squints at the sideline to see the play) drives me INSANE. I get so anxious worrying about his eyes its hard to watch him play. Imagine how accurate he’d be if he, you know, actually wore his contact lenses?
  • I know “Famous Jameis” has already caught on but “Squints” would also be a good nickname for Winston.
  • Winston is a lot like Johnny Manziel, if Johnny Manziel was a decent human being.

this week in the big ten

  • I am from Big Ten country, and thus the bias. Deal with it.
  • Ohio State is routing teams left and right. Purdue, poor, sweet Purdue, didn’t stand a chance. If the Buckeyes started the season doing this, they might still be second in the polls.
  • Northwestern. What started out so promising has ended up so disastrous. With three games to go, they still need 2 wins to become bowl eligible. With all the injuries and horrible luck (losing on a Hail Mary to Nebraska’s 3rd-string QB), it does not look good for the Wildcats.
  • Michigan State might have the best Defense in the country and they dominated Michigan. In doing so, they took the lead in whatever division it is that they play in (Leaders? Legends? Legends. I think.). This also helps Ohio State as it gives them another highly ranked team to play later in the year, provided Sparty keeps winning.

steve’s true big ten

  1. Alabama. Big game against the only program that rivals theirs in the SEC, LSU, this week.
  2. Florida State. Right now, they have better wins than Oregon. That could change this week.
  3. Oregon.
  4. Ohio State.
  5. Baylor. They are undefeated. Stanford is not.
  6. Stanford.
  7. Trinity International University. The Trojans won convincingly over Waldorf College and move up the rankings.
  8. Clemson.
  9. Auburn.
  10. Oklahoma.

this week’s proof that college football uniforms CAN get dumber

So we go from Pinktober to another cause-based month, with all the military tribute uniforms going on. If you want to support a cause, great. Wear a patch, a special sideline cap, an on-field logo. Just don’t change your uniform to do so. Northwestern, a team that typically wears purple and black, is wearing black, red, white, and blue on Saturday. The uniform, which is worn by the Northwestern football team, has nothing Northwestern-y about it. I know it’s for some special veterans project, but there are better ways of supporting causes than this. There has to be!

the picks

Oklahoma @ Baylor. This might be the biggest game in Baylor history. There offense has scored at prolific rates, and this is their first true competition of the season. This might be a set up for a huge disappointment, like the Northwestern-Ohio State game earlier this year. I think they will be ready for it. Baylor 59, Oklahoma 47. This could be a fun one.
Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh. The Irish struggled mightily with Navy, but may have found a running game in the process. Irish 31, Pitt 17.
Florida State @ Wake Forest. Someone suggested that this was FSU’s biggest trap game left. Huh. Florida State 56, Wake Forest 7.
LSU @ Alabama. The SEC game of the year. Can the Mad Hatter pull off an upset? They have struggled to win on the road, and one does not venture to Tuscaloosa and expect to win. Tide rolls. Alabama 34, LSU 24.

smooth jimmy apollo’s lock of the week.

Oregon @ Stanford. These two have taken turns ruining each other’s seasons the past 2 years. With one loss, it would seem it would be Stanford’s turn once again to play spoiler. It’s not going to happen. Oregon 49, Stanford 27.



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